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This is what the future of urban last mile delivery looks like for retailers and businesses

Proven, scalable, sustainable last mile delivery for grocers and retailers
We're ready. Are you?

Good for your business

Fast, reliable, and efficient.

The most cost effective solution for convenience, multi-drop and big drop deliveries in urban areas.

Match the agility of rapid grocery retail.

Good for your customers

On-time rates higher than any other urban delivery option.

Exceptional customer doorstep experience.

Fully employed riders act as your brand ambassadors.

Good for our planet

Zero emissions delivery – an effective change to reduce your carbon footprint.

Reducing pollution, congestion and noise levels in our towns and cities.

Uses less than 1% of the energy of a diesel van for the same delivery load.

We provide grocery multiples with a cost effective delivery solution
that’s both ‘big shop’ and ‘small shop’ capable, and meets
key market trends for ‘same-day’ and ‘same hour’ delivery.

Breaking News!

We’re expanding our leading last mile service to cover 850’000 households in Greater London and launching revolutionary technology that’s set to transform the UK grocery sector.

We want to do home delivery differently

o To offer grocers and retailers an environmentally and financially sustainable alternative to fossil-fuelled vehicles when making B2C deliveries in high-density areas.

o To reduce inner city pollution levels by reducing the number of fossil-fuelled vehicles on the road.

o To raise awareness of the true environmental cost of booming home delivery.

o To prove that a fairly treated and employed workforce is not a barrier to profitability.

Big Shop
Multi Drop
Cold Chain Compliant
Same Hour
Eco Friendly
“’s MD, James FitzGerald said: In order for a three-and-a-half tonne truck to deliver 1,000 kilos of groceries, it burns through about 3,500 megajoules of energy. The electric van isn’t a solution because it burns through 2,600 megajoules of energy. The electric cargo bikes we use will consume just 13 megajoules to deliver that same tonne in the same time frame.”
The Times, 19th March 2022

Better than vans, bikes and scooters for urban convenience and multi-drop deliveries

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Better than bikes

o e-cargobikes have the agility of a bicycle but ten times the capacity, enabling multi-drop delivery runs that increase hourly productivity and reduce unit delivery costs.

o our cargo bike box has a large visible area ideal for client branding and locks to ensure your goods are safe and secure.

o insulated box options ensure that grocery deliveries are cold-chain compliant

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Better than scooters

o e-cargobikes are zero-emissions and are silent, allowing businesses to deliver to quiet residential neighbourhoods with no restrictions.

o six times the capacity of a scooter, enabling multi-drop delivery runs that increase hourly productivity and reduce costs.

o able to use cycle infrastructure, avoiding delays in heavily congested urban areas.

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Better than vans

o one e-cargobike can deliver as much as a 3.5t van over 8 hours in an urban environment, with none of the pollution, noise, and congestion

o our capacity is ideal for both convenience small-shop and big-shop deliveries – we are able to satisfy growing consumer demand for same-day and same-hour deliveries

o No ULEZ, Congestion Charge or parking fines

Our bikes are built to carry loads
You'll be amazed what an e-cargobike can carry!

Built to carry loads Each bike has a capacity of 480 litres and a payload of 125kg.

⚬ Perfect for both convenience and multi drop Compared to a van, stop time is minimal. Each e-cargobike carries 10 times more than a bicycle and 6 times more than a scooter.

⚬ Our Bikes can carry everything! From frozen peas to fridges – we can adapt to your business needs, with custom boxes, insulated options and trailers available.

Why are retailers and businesses choosing us?

We’re the specialists

Able to meet cold-chain delivery requirements

Experienced in next-day, same-day and same-hour delivery

We integrate seamlessly with your current operation

They trust us

The experts in zero-emission grocery B2C deliveries

Proven customer service record

Clients’ brand ambassadors from warehouse to doorstep

We win awards

Ashden Clean Air in Towns and Cities Award 2020

Living Wage Employees Choice Award 2021

BusinessGreen Leaders Award 2019

We care

We support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

We are a dedicated Living Wage Employer

We partner with local charities to support the communities we work in

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