WHAT WE DO provide last-mile delivery services to grocers and retailers throughout the UK. Our range of purpose-built electric cargo bikes are fast, reliable, and cost almost nothing to run.

Switching from vans to our e-cargobikes increases delivered goods margins. It also offers strategic advantages: Our e-cargobike platform can transform client’s ‘next day’ online offer into a future-proof ‘same hour’ service in one single simple step.


An efficient, low cost, clean 21st century last-mile delivery platform that can improve gross margins by as much as 70%.

Fully Employed Riders

We don't do gig economy - our fully trained, insured and properly employed staff ensure consistently high levels of service.

Eco Friendly

A zero emission delivery service that out performs van-based delivery on almost all KPIs.

Better Delivery

Same hour delivery slot capability. Delivery time slot governed by customer preference, not platform's physical and financial constraints.


A straight-forward and transparent pricing structure charged on a pay-as-you-go £/Kg/Km basis.

Easy Add-On

A bolt-on service that can integrate quickly with client's existing online order fulfillment systems and scale to meet future increases in demand.


We provide a high quality ’all-in’ service overseeing every part of the delivery process, from product picking and staff training to your precise standards, right through to the customer doorstep experience.

We work with our clients to design bespoke scalable, zero-emission last mile delivery solutions that reduce margin erosive delivery costs, filter through congested streets and deliver goods without polluting our towns and cities. Our riders are at the heart of what we do; experienced, PAYE employed, and trained to be your brand’s ambassador on the doorstep.

Increased Margins

No parking tickets, congestion charges, speeding fines, T-Charge, or ULEZ charges.

Quality Service Guaranteed

No sack-barrow struggle from van to customer door and the ability to meet preferred delivery times precisely.

Faster Delivery

Average speed is 12.5mph in central London.


The speed and flexibility of our platform enables our clients to meet their customers’ natural delivery slot preferences precisely, with near-zero increase in costs (competitors would need to near double their van fleet size to achieve this).

“...ecommerce purchasing decisions have changed; the new order is 1st Customer service, 2nd Price, and 3rd Range breadth and depth …customers will shift at a frightening speed to grocers that get this right…”

Prof A. Braithwaite, LCP Consulting


Our HERCULES e-cargobikes have a capacity of 480 litres and a payload of 125kg in front and rear lockable boxes. Their rechargeable BOSCH batteries can be swapped out in a matter of seconds allowing them to run 24hrs a day, 365 days a year without down-time for re-charging. Detailed analysis and field trials show 96.7% of grocery home deliveries can be made by cargo bike.


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